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TLC's Outpatient Treatment Program is for the individual who is just starting to see the signs of substance abuse patterns in their life and feel they can still function in the world while attending treatment three days a week.

Most people prefer outpatient programs as it allows them to remain in their current living and working situations; to sleep in their own bed and continue with their normal activities. Most people feel if they receive support in an outpatient program several days a week, they can regain control again.

TLC's Outpatient Treatment Program is very successful for people whom alcohol or drugs are just starting to have a detrimental affect but have not yet taken complete control in their lives. These individuals learn tools to control urges and prevent relapse while continuing to work or go to school.

Additionally, outpatient programs (like community living programs) facilitate learning what the REAL triggers are because most often, using alcohol or drugs is NOT the problem; it is a symptom of the problem. At TLC, our job is to stop the symptoms by finding the underlying issues and assist our clients in growing through their challenges. This comprehensive approach is one of the reasons our success rate is so high!

Counseling is provided in a structured environment for the client and their support system (family, spouse, friends, etc.). Working together insures much greater recovery success. Programs vary in frequency and duration depending on the needs and progress of the client.

Most programs are 6 to 16 weeks in length and are often recommended as a supplement to the successful completion of a Community Living treatment program.

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"For a long time drugs were my game. Now I am sober thanks to The Living Center which helped me to get back on my feet."

- P.P.  

"Thanks to TLC and counselors there has been a big change in my life. I now have a job; I am sober; I don't even have a craving to use."

- J.M.  

"At The Living Center, if you want to get clean, they can help, if you are unsure as I was, they will give you the tools you need to make an educated decision. I couldn't have done it without [them], now my life is back on track and I am in a new living program called pathway to independence. If it wasn't for The Living Center I would be back out on the streets."

- T.K.  

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